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Child Sponsorship Opportunities

pray for the feeding centers

Touching lives

Our mission may it be simple is to help turn a resource the people of Guatemala already farm into a foundation they can rely on in order to feed their children.

The way we do this is through donation and for each child you feed we would like to thank you with this free gift "The Golden Brick Coffee" rated best coffee in Guatemala and Central America.

Typically a pound of coffee can't be sold for more than 10 dollars and even with as much coffee they produce it doesn't make them enough to upkeep their farms and feed their children. We can't purchase all the coffee they produce but what we do buy we would like to offer you as a thank you for the foundation that you have chosen to lay. By being a part of our recurring donation program. A recurring donation of $50 dollars feeds a child and covers shipping for your free gift of Guatemala's prize winning coffee.

I want to feed a child in Guatemala for $50 monthly!
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Feeding Centers  
Recurring Payment $50  

[ Nueva Esperanza Feeding Center ]


In 2009 the Lord moved in a very special way and a very special individual donated the money to open and feed this center with 50 children for a year!
In that year we built a kitchen and an eating area.  
There is no electricity there, so we use a propane refrigerator.
This feeding center has managed to stay open because of the grace of God and obedient individuals.  
We have between 50 and 60 children in this feeding center.  They live in extreme poverty and count on this food for survival.  


[Pacren Feeding Center]


Pacren Feeding center is in the heart of the Chorti Maya culture.  Many of the people do not speak Spanish....they speak Chorti. 

This feeding center opened in Spring of 2008.  

It has 100 children, many are in serious condition physically due to malnutrition.  We have helped this village in many ways partnering with other individuals.  

For example we were able to build an entire community of houses for families that lost everything in a landslide, 

We helped the farmers learn how to terrace the land to help avoid erosion and are currently working on a water project for them to be able to irrigate their crops when the rains fail.

[Cañon Feeding Center]


Cañon Feeding center was birthed out of a medical/construction/childrens ministry team led by Gainesville Church of God in March of 2015. 

After the team was all packed up and had flown safely to their homes in the United States a remarkable thing happened!  The children kept coming every day to be taught the word of God!  It didn’t take long to decide that they needed to eat while they were there!  That is how the Cañon Feeding Center came to exist.  Here is a link to a video that you might like to watch, it tells the whole story about Cañon.  

[ El Jute ]


El Jute is the oldest feeding center, it opened in 2003.  It is in a village that lies just a few minutes walk from the Honduran border.  It is located on a well known contraband road.  This road is used to traffic illegal drugs, coffee, and bananas.
The people from this village earn their living strictly from agriculture.  The main crop is coffee, with corn running a close second.  Coffee is grown for exportation. While working the fields picking coffee beans the local workers earn $2 for picking a 100 lb. bag.  As you can well imagine they are not able to pick that much in a given day.  The majority of the fields are on the side of the mountain.
We have 50 children in this center.  Since it has been in operation for 7 years we have watched many children grow up and cycle through the program.  It is such a joy to see them healthy and serving God as a result of the feeding center!

[ La Prensa Feeding Center ]


Praise the Lord for people with a heart to help.  In the fall of 2006 once again our partners took on the challenge of another Feeding Center. With your help we were able to build the feeding center in La Prensa, Olopa in October.  It is a huge blessing to the community.  We started out with an estimation of accepting 50 children into the program, but it is so hard to say no to hungry children. 

At last count there are 97!  We have one little girl, whom we started giving  formula before we even opened the center because she was severly mal-nourished. Her little tummy bloated with parasites, and her thin arms...but thanks to you and the feeding center, today she is a thriving healthy little girl!  In Jesus name we will make a difference in her little life and many others.
We now have running water at the feeding center!  So we do not have to haul water 3 times a week just to wash dishes and cook and clean. That is fabulous!

[ Guareruche Feeding Center ]

Guareruche opened in 2009.  It is in a village that lies a 45 minutes walk from the Road.  It is nestled in a valley.  
The people from this village are strong Chorti.  They are farmers working all day to provide for their familiesThe majority of the fields are on the side of the mountain.
A high percentage of the people live in bamboo or bajareque (mud covered bamboo) huts.  
Normally with one main room that everyone sleeps in and an outside kitchen.  If they are lucky they have an outhouse. 
This village has no running water and just received access to electricity.

[Naranjo Feeding Center]


Naranjo Feeding center opened in 2006.  It was birthed out of a long time desire to enter this village with a feeding center. We first went to Naranjo in 2002 with a medical team in the height of the 2002 drought.  Our hearts were forever impacted by the needs that we saw there, tattered clothing, swollen bellies and crying hungry children.
 In the first year alone we saw 40-50 salvations, and we continue to see so many give their hearts to the Lord as the children are learning about the God that loves them so much that he sends them food!  
Please lift up Sister Syria as she is in charge of this ministry.  Her husband died in 2011 in a car accident but she has continued the ministry faithfullly through it all

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